Saturday, December 16, 2006

U.S. Marines Lieutenant Mark Xue, Columbia Class of 2006

Mark Xue CC06 first salute with Dan Cross GS07 Mark Xue CC06 mother pinning on rankMark Xue CC06 commissioning ceremony opening remarks
Mark Xue CC06 with Columbia milvets and Alma MaterMark Xue CC06 commissioning oath with Professor Silver
Photos by Matt Mireles (http://www.mattmireles.com/).

OPENING REMARKS. Eric Chen, General Studies, 2005-06 MilVets Vice President:

Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon and welcome to the commissioning ceremony for Columbia College Class of 2006 graduate and Marine Corps Lieutenant Mark Xue. My name is Eric Chen and I will be the Master of Ceremonies for today's event. I would like to give a special word of thanks to our sponsors: Luke Stalcup and the US Military Veterans of Columbia University, Cadet Riaz Zaidi and the Hamilton Society of Columbia University, and Captain Ted Graske, Class of 1959, and the alumni of the Columbia Alliance for ROTC.

Before we begin, I want to tell you how honored we are to present Mark to you today as Lieutenant Xue. Leading Marines as an officer, bearing direct responsibility for their lives and well-being, and by extension, the lives and well-being of their families - it is the highest of responsibilities. It is a sacred responsibility. And it is a responsibility I value deeply as a former enlisted Soldier. As a classmate, I can tell you Mark is worthy of the path he has chosen, and I have no doubt he will lead his Marines well and bring honor upon himself, his family, this university and our beloved nation.

LOW PLAZA, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - On Saturday, December 16th, 2006, Columbia College 2006 graduate and Hamilton Society president emeritus Mark Xue, CC 06, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in a ceremony held on Low Plaza. The event was organized by US Military Veterans of Columbia University (MilVets) President Luke Stalcup and Hamilton Society President Riaz Zaidi. MilVets vice president emeritus Eric Chen served as the master of ceremonies. Other Columbia students and alumni who participated in the ceremony included MilVets president emeritus Oscar Escano, Army MAJ Taylor Hwong, Marine Cpl Dan Cross, who rendered Lt Xue’s first salute, Marine Cpl Matt Sanchez, Hamilton Society Vice-President Stefan Hasselblad, and Army ROTC cadet Elizabeth Feldmeier. Columbia sociology professor Allan Silver administered Lt Xue's oath of office, and his parents pinned on his Second Lieutenant rank. The ceremony concluded with Lt Xue leading all attending in the Marines hymn. Spectators included University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis and Vice-Provost Roxie Smith. The commissioning ceremony was sponsored by the US Military Veterans of Columbia University, the Hamilton Society, and the Columbia Alliance for ROTC (CAR). The reception at Cafe Pertutti was hosted by CAR Chairman Ted Graske, CC 59.

Also see the event account for Columbia College Class of 2006 graduate, Air Force Lieutenant Robert Wray's commissioning ceremony held in the rotunda of Low library on May 19th, 2006.


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